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who makes it?,
what is it worth?,
The Dollar and how it works.
Find out in The Creature from Jekyll Island
The Book, (610p)
Lecture (1:45:19).

Back Pain

What is the source of the pain?
How bad is the physical pain we feel and treat with various forms of medical pain killers, therapies and exercises.
What if the pain we suffer is not as it appears and is conventionally diagnosed, but can be explained in some other way and controlled by using an approach which establishes the root cause and addresses this directly.
Dr. John E. Sarno has written a number of books on the subject of back pain and is a practising physician in New York. He helps people cope with back pain without medication or surgery. I found his book Healing back pain (193p), very useful in living with severe lower back pain. This book is not a substitute for qualified medical advice, but is worth reading.
I am looking forward to reading his new book The Divided Mind (394p).
Listen to Dr Sarno below (0:14:47).
Relax enjoy and feel better.