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    Deerpark Rd. Mount Merrion
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    Windyarbour shopping area
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    Sandyford Village

    This website promotes small local Irish businesses. Local business clusters are united by location. The business clusters are treated like virtual shopping centres with locally familiar names. Examples: or or or or or or or or something like
    Providing an alternative search method. If you want to buy something locally like a present and you want it now, you can check out areas near you which will probably have more shops and services than you might expect.
    If you know exactly what you want, you might Google it and get 6 million hits in 0.2 seconds, the first bunch of advertised entries could be anywhere and not what you asked for.
    With you can browse local shopping areas and browse for what you want. Without unwelcome promotions and advertising.
    For the business owner, this is an attractive way of getting on-line with a group of your neighbouring businesses, where everyone benefits from more customers coming in to your area. Remind people in the area what you have to offer.
    The business clusters will be logically listed here as they are created. If you wish to promote Irish enterprises using this domain name please contact me at
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    Bring on the economic recovery.

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